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Convenient bioresonance application –
at home and on the go.

a clip & click away!

. . . Your health is just

Discover the future of health with Holosan-World!


Are you looking for an effective way to detect and harmonize disharmony in your body? Then bioresonance is the answer you are looking for!


With Holosan-World we have created the bridge between health and digital modernity. Our innovative system allows you to optimize your health with just one click. Here are some reasons why you will love Holosan-World and Bioresonance:


  • Holistic health:Bioresonance is a proven method that looks at the body as a whole. It helps not only relieve symptoms, but also identify and treat the causes of health problems.


  • Simple application: With Holosan-World, using bioresonance has never been so easy. Choose from a variety of applications on various health topics and start your journey to inner harmony with just one click.


  • Digital modernity:In today's digital world, healthcare should be as accessible as anything else. Holosan-World brings health into the digital era and allows you to improve your health from the comfort of your own home.


  • Effective results: Numerous satisfied customers already trust in the effectiveness of bioresonance. With Holosan-World you can fully exploit the advantages of this method.


Discover how easy it is to take your health into your own hands. Start your journey to inner harmony with Holosan-World and bioresonance today! All you need is a Holosan CLIP and your chosen application! 

Clip & Connect  – it works that simply!

Would you like to transfer the positive vibrations from your cell phone or the Wave Vital Box directly to your body? The Holosan Clip makes it possible! This innovative product is the key to your well-being:


  • Energy transfer made easy: Transfer positive vibrations from your cell phone or the Wave Vital Box to your body.


  • Easy to use: attach the clip and feel the benefits.


  • With you everywhere: Small and handy – the Holosan clip for more energy and harmony, always and everywhere.


Get the Holosan Clip and the application that suits you. This is exactly how you experience more balance and well-being in your life!

Easy to use – in just 4 steps!

HOLOSAN Practitioner